Support for TPP in Canada Drops by 9%

An Angus Reid poll suggests that supporters for the TPP in Canada has been eroding for the last several months, dipping to its lowes level since August of 2015. Persistently, almost half of Canadians don’t have an opinion on the agreement.

Is P2P Losing Its Cool In Canada?

There was some recent comments being made at the CRTC hearing by BitTorrent that suggests that p2p user has been going down. Michael Geist discussed the point suggesting that this is further evidence to deflate the myth that Canada is a piracy haven. While this is definitely true, BitTorrents comments also seems to highlight something

Music Sale Losses Due to Gaming, DVDs, Not P2P

File-sharing, for years, has been one of the copyright industry’s favourite scape-goat. Lately, British news sources have received a fresh dose of “studies” where the copyright industry through government officials have been saying how file-sharing costs British artists billions thanks to the millions of file-sharers in the UK. While the numbers have since been cast