Reports – Russia Gearing Up for New Piracy Crackdown

By Drew Wilson News is surfacing that the Russian Ministry of Culture is gearing up for a new offensive against Internet piracy. According to both Russian and French reports, if a website owner receives a complaint of copyright infringing material, then the owner has 24 hours to remove it or face a fine. One of

Russian Orthodox Activists Want ISPs to Block Facebook

Just days after Russia passed an Internet blacklist law, a religious group is now trying to block social networking site Facebook. The reason? The apparent new status for same sex marriages. The Russian Orthodox activists gave the site an ultimatum to stop “flirting with sodomites” and remove all content promoting homosexuality, but after Facebook refused

Russia Passes Internet Censorship Laws

Russia is the latest country to enact laws that allows it to censor the Internet. The Russian version of Wikiepedia protested the bill by blacking out its website earlier, unfortunately, that didn’t stop the legislation from going into effect.