Rightsholders Sue ISPs for Selling Internet Access

By Drew Wilson Rightsholders have said for years that the Internet is little more than a vehicle for “stolen” merchandise. Still, few rightsholders these days are willing to take such a direct approach to stop file-sharing as Sabam has recently. The Belgium rightsholder organization is suing ISPs for selling access to the Internet without paying

Company Selling Internet Music Monitoring Service – Concerning or Not?

Recently, we received a tip about a company creating software that would actively monitor websites in search of anyone posting copyrighted material and alert copyright holders about possible royalty payments. Naturally, we were interested and decided to check this out particularly with the possibility of privacy being an issue.

ASCAP Demands Additional Performance Tax for Ringtones

You got yourself a brand new cell phone. You then go do the honest thing and pay that huge amount of money for a ring tone and put it on your cell phone and set it to be your ring tone. Apparently, you now have to hope that your phone doesn’t ring or else you