RIAA Demands DMCA Reforms That No Longer Protect YouTube

For years, YouTube has been a major portal for new talent to share their creations with the world. While more artists and more genre’s of music are finally able to break out into a wider audience, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), along with other major corporations, are petitioning the US government to choke

Top 10 Worst Music Reviewed in 2014

We’ve reviewed a lot of music this year. Some music was great. Other music makes us think of nails on chalkboard. This celebrates the latter as we reveal the lowest scoring tracks we’ve talked about this year.

Universal Music Buying EMI – An Anti-Trust Concern?

Universal Music is trying to convince anti-trust regulators that buying EMI does not create anti-competitive concerns. Critics argue that having 41% control of the music market (ala ‘super-label’) is cause for concern for competitiveness in the market. It is all part of a debate being held before US law-makers.

Judge Slashes Jammie Thomas Fine to $54,000

The case is at least 4 years old now, but that doesn’t mean it’s over. Jammie Thomas trial was described as a “first of its kind” trials where a file-sharer was sued for sharing music in the US. Now, a new development has unfolded in this long-running trial which may very likely be seen as

RIAA Wants Mastercard to Cut Off MegaUpload

In a move seemingly inspired by the US government pressuring credit card companies and online payment services to cut off Wikileaks, the MPAA and RIAA are reportedly trying to get Mastercard, and presumably other credit card companies, to cut off sites like MegaUpload and other file-sharing and streaming sites. Some observers suggest that this is