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Third Target of FBI Anonymous Probe Steps Forward to Announce Innocence

We’ve been documenting the people that were targeted in the cross country raids on alleged Anonymous members. So far, it seems that every day we are hearing from those who were affected coming forward to state their case that they had no part in Anonymous hacking. Today, we found another person stating their innocence.

Details of Who Was Arrested in FBI Raids on Anonymous Emerge

Yesterday, we discussed the large sweep by the FBI, arresting anywhere between 14 and 16 people (reports have been conflicting on the actual number). In our initial report, we weren’t exactly able to find any evidence that the hackers that were arrested were high ranking members in Anonymous. So who was arrested? Apparently, a student […]

Report – Rapidshare Gave Personal Information to Rights Holders to Assist Home Raid of Uploader

For a while, Rapidshare was becoming an alternative to BitTorrent. The speeds were great because you are connected to a server and there’s plenty of content to get through different search engines throughout the web. For one user, who evidently uploaded Metallica’s Death Magnetic album days before it’s official street date release, it probably felt […]