Playstation Network

PSN Outage: Day 10.5 – Sony’s Press Conference and More

After a long and, for many, painful 11 days, Sony has held a long awaited press conference to explain what happened during the outage, whether or not credit cards were stolen, who all is involved in fixing this issue and when the network will be back up and running.

PSN Outage: Day 8 – Governments Get Involved Over Data Breach Fears

Day 8 of the PSN outage. It appears that fears have been intensifying over the massive data breach where 70-77 million credit cards were stolen. After a class action lawsuit was launched against Sony, both the US and UK governments have expressed concern over this incident amid the growing concern over the lasting effects of

PSN Outage: Day 5 – No End in Sight

We are now on day 5 of the PlayStation Network (PSN) outage. Reports are at least as grim as a few days ago, if not, worse. If Sony ever wanted to test the patience of their gamers, this was certainly one way of doing it.