Mega Defends its Cryptographic System

By Drew Wilson Mega was able to open with a bang as an untold number of users rushed to create accounts on opening day – so much so that the traffic ultimately brought down the website for about 48 hours for some users. Now that the website is up and running, some are criticizing the

New Mega Website Experiences Mega Traffic Surge

By Drew Wilson It was a much anticipated launch – Kim Dotcom’s new website “Mega” opened its doors today to much fanfare. While the website was greeted with positive reviews amongst outlets that were able to get an early sneak peak, the grand opening to the public caused such a surge in traffic, the load

Music Industry Pressures Radio Station to Pull Mega Ads

By Drew Wilson Kim Dotcom’s problems with the record labels isn’t just limited to anything that is related to the shutdown of MegaUpload. With the launch of a new service called “Mega” just days away, Dotcom got ads to air on a radio station. But the music industry wasn’t thrilled just with the idea of