Opinion: Why Malware as an Anti-Piracy Method is Doomed to Fail

By Drew Wilson Late last month, a report by the IP Commission caused a stir amongst advocates. Among the recommendations was the call to hack into an alleged copyright infringer’s computer and either delete infringing material, lock down the computer altogether, or physically destroy the computer entirely. Drew Wilson offers his thoughts on the subject

Hadopi Mulling Mandatory Spyware to Help Enforce Three Strikes Law

Many questions have been raised on how HADOPI planned on enforcing a three strikes law. One particular question that really raises doubts on the possibility of enforcement is how to guard against false accusation. One idea being floated right now is forcing users to install spyware that can do real-time observations of what internet protocols

The Latest Threat to File-Sharing – Pictures of Squid-Octopus?

In what has to be one of the strangest file-sharing stories seen in a long time, a Japanese virus writer said he wanted to punish file-sharing users by uploading viruses onto their computers which would change the icons of files to pictures of the “squid-octopus”. The writer was arrested for violating probation.

French Cybercrime Expert Discusses Loppsi 2 Legislation

It’s been one of the more heated debates surrounding technology in France today. The Loppsi 2 law proposal which would allow the French government to censor websites and allow police to upload key loggers and trojans onto people’s computers without their consent has been a heavily debated piece of legislation and now a cybercrime expert,