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CRIA’s Return? Music Canada Announces Copyright Lobbying Intentions

Music Canada, formerly known as CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association), has announced in a press release that their next lobbying effort intends “to rebalance the copyright regime and ensure the business needs of the music sector are met.” For long time supporters of digital rights, the timing of this could signal the beginning of an […]

Copyright Lobby Demands Canada Implement SOPA, ACTA and More

Canadians have fought long and hard (since at least 2005) to keep major foreign corporations from imposing copyright policies that are contrary to the betterment of the country. Now, foreign influences are once again trying to alter Canadian copyright laws that are formed to their interests once again.

Canadian Government Doesn’t See Validity in USTR Special 301 Report

The USTR’s Special 301 report has been well known for being essentially a wish-list put together by the US copyright industry. Over the last few years, doubts have been raised over the validity of the report by many observers. It now appears that the Canadian government also shares those doubts.