Rep. Peter King: Prosecute Reporters Who Publish Leaked Information

By Drew Wilson There’s been a lot of developments since our previous report on the NSA PRISM leak. This includes how government officials have been put on the defence with respect to the program and the calls for reporters who report on these leaks to be criminally prosecuted. Question: When someone walks up to you

CETA Intellectual Property Chapter Leaks for All to See

ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) may have died in Europe for now, but CETA (Comprehensive Economic and trade Agreement) is still alive and well. Now, text of the Intellectual Property chapter has leaked and we are finally able to find out what is in this agreement.

Leaked TPP Chapter Throws NZ Government into Damage Control

Last night, we were amongst the first to report on the leak of an entire chapter of the secretive TPP agreement that is still being negotiated amongst several countries. We’ve been watching to see what kind of political fallout there would be and, interestingly enough, the biggest outcry over the chapter contents comes from New