French UMP Members Having Second Thoughts on Three Strikes?

HADOPI in France allowed that country to be one of the first countries to pass a graduated, or three strikes law for alleged copyright infringers. Now, the same country that once looked like a grand example for rights holders trying to crack down on copyright infringement has a problem implementing the law.

French Broadcaster Sued for Firing Employee Based on HADOPI Stance

It was the story of an e-mail heard around the world. You may remember Jérôme Bourreau-Guggenheim who expressed opposition in an e-mail to his member of parliament. That e-mail went back to his employer, TF1, who then promptly fired him because of his political views back in May. Now, Bourreau-Guggenheim is suing TF1 for discrimination.

Judges Given 5 Minutes to Rule On Each Third Strike in France

It seemed like there would be some form of judicial oversight after the three strikes law in France would have to go through a judge, but now there’s a new twist in the infamous HADOPI law. It appears that, on average, judges will be given 5 minutes to decide whether or not to disconnect and