French ISPs and French Government Locking Horns Over HADOPI Costs

There’s a major battle brewing between the French government and the French ISPs. A line is being drawn and it’s about the money. While this was foreseeable thanks to our earlier reports, it will be very interesting to see how far the battle will escalate. One report suggests that ISPs may even opt to not

How Much Could an American Three Strikes Law Cost?

Not too long ago, we reported that, if government comments and documents are correct, HADOPI could cost around $64 Million USD. Ever since I published that, I wondered how much a three strikes law could cost if an American equivalent to HADOPI was ever brought to American soil. After a few e-mails and looking in

French Government Hands Out HADOPI Pamphlets to Motorists

It’s very difficult to say HADOPI is a sound solution to copyright infringement, but it’s also even more difficult to argue that it will somehow magically be enforceable. In an effort to get the word out on how HADOPI works, it appears as though the French government has resorted to an offline campaign to thwart

French Citizen Beats Government to Trademarking HADOPI

HADOPI is effectively an anti-piracy organization that oversees and enforces Frances three strikes law. Unfortunately for HADOPI, someone else took the Trademark of ‘HADOPI’ – someone who just so happens to be opposed by the new French copyright laws to be more precise.

Hadopi Mulling Mandatory Spyware to Help Enforce Three Strikes Law

Many questions have been raised on how HADOPI planned on enforcing a three strikes law. One particular question that really raises doubts on the possibility of enforcement is how to guard against false accusation. One idea being floated right now is forcing users to install spyware that can do real-time observations of what internet protocols

Survey Suggests That 69% of File-Sharers Willing to Stop Over HADOPI

There’s a rather strange statistic that is floating around and it originates from French media outlet 20 Minutes.fr. It says that a survey was conducted and found that 69% of file-sharers would quit file-sharing because of the new three strikes law in France. Of course, after looking in to this a little, this number is