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Australian Committee Recommends Against Ratifying ACTA

ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) has certainly been at the receiving end of numerous heavy blows. The heaviest are coming from Europe where widespread opposition and all five committees looking at ACTA have recommended against ratification. Now, Australia seems to be following suit with the Australian Joint Standing Committee on Treaties also recommending against ratification.

UK’s OfCom Publishes Draft Three Strikes Law Standards for ISPs

The UK is one of only a select few countries that have embarked on a path of creating a “Three Strikes” law where if you are accused of copyright infringement three times, you would have your Internet access cut off. While other countries have, at best, experience some problems implementing the laws and, at worst,

An Analysis of the TPP’s Infamous Intellectual Property Draft Chapter

When the investment chapter draft leaked, it sparked outrage amongst the people in New Zealand and pushed the New Zealand government into damage control. Now that Canada is involved in the TPP negotiations, you’d think that the Canadian media would have figured out all the ins and outs of the TPP now that such content

The TPP is About More Than Just Cows and Chickens

Now that Canada is either one step closer or in the TPP talks, the Canadian media have become much more interested in these talks as well. With the amount of leaked information about the TPP, you’d think we’d get a nice healthy discussion about copyright and the amount of power corporations are able to exert

ACTA Committee Defeat: Europeans Celebrate a ‘Victory for European Democracy’

It was building up for weeks, but after ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) was defeated by the European International Trade (INTA) committee, it became clear Europeans won a key battle over the agreement in the lead-up to the final vote in the European Parliament. Now, many are celebrating what one called a “victory for European democracy.

European International Trade Committee Defeats ACTA (19 to 12)

The European International Trade Committee this morning has voted to defeat ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement). The vote was reportedly going to be close, but ultimately, the vote confirms a string of past defeats in past committees and is now bound for the European Parliament.

Debate on ACTA Heats up On Eve of Critical Committee Vote

ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) has been an an agreement we’ve been following for years. All eyes are currently on Europe with a critical committee vote to be held tomorrow. The committee in question arguably has a lot of sway and could affect the final vote in the European Parliament. The committee vote is already reportedly

ACTA Future Remains Uncertain on Lead-Up to EU Committee Vote

We’ve been following the ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) very closely for years. We continue our coverage with some of the things that ACTA supporters have done to keep the agreement alive in Europe and the continued push by Europeans to keep the agreement from passing.

Report: Canada One Critical Step Closer to Joining the TPP

There’s been a development in the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) negotiations and it involved Canada. We recently learned that Canada is one critical step closer to joining the secretive agreement. What could that mean for Canadians? It could render the battle for balanced copyright for the last seven years meaningless – and that’s just the beginning