Procedural Error Sinks Would-Be HADOPI Conviction

By Drew Wilson The HADOPI law (Haute Autorité pour la diffusion des œuvres et la protection des droits sur internet) and its government agency under the same name, has had its share of controversy over the years in France. Now, another incident has occurred that just adds to the list of reasons why some might

HADOPI Three Strikes Law at a Crossroad

A three strikes law is one of a number of ideas major corporate entities have brought forth as a way to stem the flow of file-sharing and free information. France had the dubious honour of being amongst the first countries to test run this experiment. Now, years later, France is apparently looking to finally shed

Major French Political Party Wants to Repeal HADOPI

Martine Aubry, the secretary of the Socialist Party, has recently announced her intentions to repeal HADOPI (“law promoting the distribution and protection of creative works on the internet”) – the famous French law that contains a three strikes law.

French Minister Uses Non-Existent Benefits to Sell LOPPSI 2 Legislation

LOPPSI 2, the surveillance legislation in France, has been making headlines recently given that the legislation has re-entered political debate in recent weeks. The Interior Minister reportedly was out in the media telling everyone that one of the benefits of LOPPSI 2 is that it would stop cell phone theft in its tracks. Critics point

French Government Hands Out HADOPI Pamphlets to Motorists

It’s very difficult to say HADOPI is a sound solution to copyright infringement, but it’s also even more difficult to argue that it will somehow magically be enforceable. In an effort to get the word out on how HADOPI works, it appears as though the French government has resorted to an offline campaign to thwart

French Citizen Beats Government to Trademarking HADOPI

HADOPI is effectively an anti-piracy organization that oversees and enforces Frances three strikes law. Unfortunately for HADOPI, someone else took the Trademark of ‘HADOPI’ – someone who just so happens to be opposed by the new French copyright laws to be more precise.