Aussie ISP Wants to Ban P2P Traffic on Off-Peak Hours

When it comes to Australian ISP stories, Australia isn’t exactly void of a number of horror stories. Things like particularly low monthly bandwidth caps and only being able to download during certain hours of the day to name a couple comes to mind. Now, one Australian ISP wants to further push out all forms of

Public Forum on Internet Filtering This Monday in Australia

Internet filtering on the ISP level has been taking hold in some countries around the world. While not as widespread as the so-called “Three Strikes and Your Out” proposals against unauthorized file-sharing, the internet filtering for many digital rights advocates remains to be an important issue. This is why a public forum on the internet

Germany Forces ISPs to Agree to Web Filtering

For those who have been following the internet filtering debates, this latest development in Germany might ring a few bells. The German government and many of the German ISPs signed a “voluntary” agreement to maintain and enforce a website blacklist – a list that will be held in secrecy.