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EU, US, and UK Want to Decrypt All Communications

There’s been numerous developments recently over the battle for privacy. UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that all encrypted communications must either have a government backdoor or banned. The US President, Barack Obama, agreed saying that governments shouldn’t be impeded by encryption. Newly leaked documents suggest that EU officials are also on board.

Claim: Encrypted Chat Developer Detained, Interrogated at US Border

A developer for encrypted chat application “Cryptocat” has recently claimed that he was detained and interrogated at the US border. Apparently, border guards took his passport and interrogated him about the application, demanding to know “which algorithms Cryptocat used and about its censorship resistance.”

A Detailed Look at Bill C-32 – Canada’s Copyright Reform Bill (Part 4)

We are now over half way through reading through and analyzing Canada’s latest copyright reform bill. While there have been many interesting ideas (many of which are, unsurprisingly, controversial), we haven’t gotten through all of the bill yet. We continue with the second half of the legislation.