A Response to Don Henley on the PROTECT IP Act

It almost sounds silly that someone could possibly salvage the PROTECT IP Act at this point in time. Still, that doesn’t stop some people from trying to pass off the PROTECT IP act as something that would actually do anything at all to stop piracy. We’d like to respond to this opinion with some counter-arguments

Editorial: Should We Thank the Hackers for These Security Breaches?

For the past few months or so, there have been numerous stories about security breaches. Earlier in the saga of security breaches, Sony wound up becoming the centre of attention for people breaking in to whatever system Sony had some control over whether it be their network, their website or a host of other hacks.

Editorial: A UN Controlled Internet Should Never Happen

Earlier today, ZeroPaid reported on the development that some members of the United Nations are demanding that the UN should have the power to control the internet. Drew Wilson is giving his assessment on whether or not this should even happen.