Opinion: News Corp and the Myth of Harm Caused by FileSharing

IIC has been doing a round-table on what it calls “content piracy” in Asia recently. The event caught the attention of Mike Masnick on TechDirt who said that this round table was clearly one-sided. We took a look at the questions and felt like adding a few thoughts as well.

TPP Has No Economic Benefit – Australian Pirate Party

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has made headlines for a number of years and now there’s been a development. The Pirate Party of Australia has concluded that, while the content of the agreement is still officially shrouded in mystery, they can conclude that the secretive agreement has no economic benefit.

Hollywood Employees in US Hit Hard By OutSourcing

There’s never been a shortage of press releases over the years about the MPAA blaming piracy for massive job losses. The numbers never seemed to add up given that most numbers being thrown about seemed to come from nowhere concrete. The question that does sometimes come out is, if Hollywood employees are being laid off,