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TPP Conclusion Signals Next Big Battle for Digital Rights

There’s been a recent announcement that says the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) has been finalized. While the announcement may sound like an end, it actually signals the beginning of the next major battle between the people and major corporate conglomerates. We highlight one of the many battlefields: digital rights.

An Analysis of the Digital Provisions in the TiSA Draft

The Trades in Services Agreement (TiSA) is one of a number of secret trade agreements currently circulating behind closed doors. Like others, it contains digital provisions in a few “annexes”. We analyze these provisions as per the latest 2015 draft leak.

Another Announcement About TPP Wrapping Up Publishes

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), one of the trade deals that has little to do with trade and more to do with fulfilling global corporate interests, is in the news again. Recently, a press release said that the agreement is close to being wrapped up. Will this be the announcement that signals a finalization is on

Global Consumer Network Releases IP Watchlist for 2012

While some might be familiar with the USTR Special 301 report, fewer people may be familiar with the IP Watchlist. The IP Watchlists discusses technology, copyright, law and policy from the perspective other than strictly from a legacy corporate standpoint. We take a look at this years report.

Global IP Watchlist on Global Consumer Rights Released

The US’s Special 301 report which tries to paint several countries as piracy havens has always generated sceptical interest – with increasing emphasis on ‘sceptical’. Now a new kind of report which shows human rights with respect to access to knowledge has been released.

Canada’s Copyright Consultation Has Many Talking

It’s been quite a first few days for the copyright consultation. For some, copyright seems like an obscure and boring subject, but for those familiar with technology, it’s more than likely a huge political battle ground. Many Canadians might even be re-discovering that while positions might vary on the sensitive subject, most Canadians seem to