An Explanation on What a DDOS Attack is For the CBC

The NDP leadership convention has wrapped up in Canada. While a leader was selected, there was an underlying problem with the voting process itself. Since the CBC apparently did not have the resources to understand what a DDOS attack even was which appears to have been what happened to the NDP voting system, we here

Anonymous Hacks myBART.gov, Database Exposed

What started as a group of people wanting to protest has become an all out war over censorship. After earlier threats were made by Anonymous, it appears as though Anonymous did make good on their threat to target BART.

LulzSec Ridicules The Jester

Earlier this morning, we reported on Th3J35t3r (The Jester) exposing LulzSec member Sabu. LulzSec responded by belittling his efforts to take down Jihadist websites and rewriting one of his scripts.