CRIA’s Return? Music Canada Announces Copyright Lobbying Intentions

Music Canada, formerly known as CRIA (Canadian Recording Industry Association), has announced in a press release that their next lobbying effort intends “to rebalance the copyright regime and ensure the business needs of the music sector are met.” For long time supporters of digital rights, the timing of this could signal the beginning of an

Report – CRIA Goes Through Name Change

It may have been the most controversial name in the entire copyright debate, but a report is saying that you won’t be able to call it by its standard name anymore. The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) has reportedly changed it’s name to Music Canada.

In Response to Graham Henderson of CRIA

Graham of the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) recently went to Washington to speak about Canadian copyright laws. He had one particular comment that is worth responding to.

Damage of CRIAs $6 Billion Lawsuit Felt in Anti-Piracy Operation

Last weeks lawsuit against CRIA for commercial copyright infringement sent shock waves throughout the industry as a whole as well as throughout the media and has left some wondering if it’s a case CRIA can recover from both financially and morally. Recently, there was clear evidence that the lawsuit has had an impact on anti-piracy

Manitoba Music Industry Association Shuns CRIA Stance on Copyright

It may be history repeating itself. When CRIA pushed for Bill C-60, many Canadian labels who were, at the time, members of CRIA, broke away from the organization, saying that they were against suing music fans and against the blanket ban on circumvention. Recently, during the round table in Saskatchewan on the issue of copyright,