Malibu Media Dealt With Setback in File-Sharing Case

Malibu Media was dealt with a setback in a file-sharing lawsuit against an alleged file-sharer. It was an interesting case where the defendant said that the hard drive failed and it had to be replaced. Malibu Media claimed that this act alone constituted destruction of evidence. The court disagreed with the assessment and denied their

US Court Grants Discovery in Porn Companies File-sharing Lawsuit

Earlier this month, a court in Maryland has granted Malibu Media’s motion “to initiate discovery to identify the John Doe Subscriber” who allegedly downloaded pornographic content on BitTorrent. What is interesting is the fact that this motion comes with strict conditions. All this really raises an age-old question, are these lawsuits against file-sharers really all

Could the Recent German Court Ruling Affect CETA and TPP?

By Drew Wilson Last week, a German court ruled that Internet access is “essential” for every day life. If someone’s access is disrupted, they are entitled to compensation. While it may sound mildly interesting on the surface, there’s the fact that current trade agreements being negotiated could allow rightsholders to disconnect users after repeated infringement.

New Wave of Canadian FileSharing Lawsuits Hits Roadblock

By Drew Wilson Late last year, Canadians were treated to news that an anti-piracy outfit working on behalf of Voltage media was gearing up to sue Canadians by the millions for the downloading of copyrighted movies on BitTorrent. While those operating on the side of the plaintiffs of the case practically insinuated that going through

Footage of Raid on Kim Dotcoms Mansion Surfaces

Footage of the raid on MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom has now surfaced online. The footage showed a police dog, police helicopters and several armed officers, armed offenders squad, special tactics group armed with glock pistols and rifle’s.

Could Selling Your Computer One Day Be a Criminal Offense?

A court case in New York is currently raising eyebrows. Apparently, the case is headed to the supreme court because the lower level courts have ruled that if you bought something like a computer from overseas, the act of selling that computer in the US could be a violation of copyright laws. It is seen

Megaupload Case: US Authorities Call Court Order ‘Unrealistic’

It could be a set of developments that pushes US authorities into a rather interesting predicament. A New Zealand court has ordered the handing over of all evidence so that the defense could build their own case to fight extradition. Unfortunately, US authorities are now saying that the amount of data is too large to