Canada Launches Digital Economy Consultation

After what appears to be the governments own undoing for launching a copyright consultation and ignoring the results, the Canadian government is now launching a second consultation on Canada’s Digital Economy. We weigh the pros and cons of submitting a response.

NDP Makes No Apology for Copyright Stance

The major drama was sparked by a Toronto town hall meeting when it was found out that the copyright industry stacked the deck in their favour. The fallout exploded when students and NDP MP Olivia Chow – the wife of NDP leader Jack Layton – was threatened by private security at the meeting and an

Copyright Industry Stacks Town Hall Meeting In Their Favour

It was the second of only two town hall meetings, but it appeared that a vast majority of those in the audience were there to shut out non-copyright industry opinions. Some reports are suggesting that the government may have played a role in rigging the whole meeting, but more moderate reports suggest that the industry

Another Day, Another Call to Expand Canada’s Fair Dealings

Barry Sookman might not like the idea of expanding Canada’s fair dealings regime, but the increasingly large chorus of calls have been to expand Canada’s fair dealings regime in one way or another. The latest call comes from the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (CFHSS) which seems to coincide the growing trend

The DOC Supports Expanding Canada’s Fair Dealings

Fair dealings is a very hot topic for debate in Canada. While a select few, namely Barry Sookman, don’t support any expansion on fair dealings, there is a growing chorus of people who support expanding fair dealings in some way. The more recent organization to support an expansion on Fair Dealings is the Documentary Organization

Manitoba Music Industry Association Shuns CRIA Stance on Copyright

It may be history repeating itself. When CRIA pushed for Bill C-60, many Canadian labels who were, at the time, members of CRIA, broke away from the organization, saying that they were against suing music fans and against the blanket ban on circumvention. Recently, during the round table in Saskatchewan on the issue of copyright,

Copyright Industry Demands Canada Adopt Three Strikes Law

Copyright industry lawyer and lobbyist for the CMPDA (The Canadian arm of the MPAA) and the CRIA (The Canadian arm of the RIAA) wrote an op-ed saying that it’s “Time to end Canada’s pirate haven” while calling for a graduated response (which is effectively a three strikes law). This latest demand could very easily highlight

Canadian Copyright Consultation Submissions Keep Rolling In

There’s no shortage of opinion on the copyright debate in the consultation. In fact, if you are able to keep up reading all of the submissions at this point, you’d probably deserve a medal. Fortunately, there are a few able to keep up with the mountains of suggestions, ideas and proposals and one, Michael Geist,