China and US Exchange Shots Over Internet Human Rights

The United States has recently issued a report slamming China for an abysmal human rights record. Meanwhile, China hit back at the United States with a report of their own slamming the United States for an abysmal human rights record. We did some digging and found both reports so you can read both of them

Chinese USB Wifi Crackers Make Three Strikes Laws Obsolete?

With many countries considering a three strikes law, it’s interesting how privacy and copyright can go hand in hand online. With China’s notoriety for online censorship, it’s only interesting that a new product is out in the Chinese market that allows for easy Wi-Fi hacking.

Chinese Government Mandated Search Engine Blacklist Leaked

In just about every place in the world, Google is the number one search engine. China is an exception to that where is the dominant search engine. Based in China, the Chinese government is able to exert more power and it seems that the governments blacklist was recently leaked.