France: Music Sales Continue to Fall After Three Strikes Law

By Drew Wilson One of the main theories behind the three strikes law is that it would reduce piracy and stop the decline of music sales in the marketplace. France is one of the countries that first put a three strikes law in place for copyright infringement though HADOPI back in 2009. Fast forward to

Digg Sold for $16 Million

It was once the pinnacle of social news. Now, the site has been thrown onto the digital scrapheap with various parts being sold to different entities. While Digg still generates some traffic, many users have been hypothesizing what went so horribly wrong with the site.

Spotify Takes Second Place for Most Record Label Revenue Generated

One of the many things that record labels have said in the past is that because physical record labels have fallen, that means file-sharing is killing the industry. The reality has been that sources of revenue has shifted and the fact that Spotify has now become the second largest source of revenue for the record

Universal Music Buying EMI – An Anti-Trust Concern?

Universal Music is trying to convince anti-trust regulators that buying EMI does not create anti-competitive concerns. Critics argue that having 41% control of the music market (ala ‘super-label’) is cause for concern for competitiveness in the market. It is all part of a debate being held before US law-makers.

Report – CRIA Goes Through Name Change

It may have been the most controversial name in the entire copyright debate, but a report is saying that you won’t be able to call it by its standard name anymore. The Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) has reportedly changed it’s name to Music Canada.

IFPI Boss and CEO Accused of Tax Evasion in Germany

The IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry) may be quick to denounce others for breaking the law when it comes to downloading copyright infringement, but now the shoe is on the other foot. After incriminating documents surfaced about the organization, some very interesting questions about the IFPI are being raised.

Hollywood Employees in US Hit Hard By OutSourcing

There’s never been a shortage of press releases over the years about the MPAA blaming piracy for massive job losses. The numbers never seemed to add up given that most numbers being thrown about seemed to come from nowhere concrete. The question that does sometimes come out is, if Hollywood employees are being laid off,

Canadian ISPs Start Rolling Out Bandwidth Caps, Higher Fees

If you download Linux ISOs, stream movies from Netflix, listen to podcasts, play online games, or are grabbing the latest open source software such as Open Office, Gimp or FireFox, and live in Canada, this next story will probably be of big concern for you. ISPs are starting initiating bandwidth caps and rolling out higher