Open Rights Group and Others Try Fixing the Digital Economy Act

Despite the fact that the hugely controversial Digital Economy Act (DEA), a law that ushered in a three strikes law in the UK, the battle to try and at least tweak the law into some sense of reasonableness has been raging up to this day. The Open Rights Group were among many to file submissions

UK’s OfCom Publishes Draft Three Strikes Law Standards for ISPs

The UK is one of only a select few countries that have embarked on a path of creating a “Three Strikes” law where if you are accused of copyright infringement three times, you would have your Internet access cut off. While other countries have, at best, experience some problems implementing the laws and, at worst,

UK Mobile ISP Censors The Telegraph

It’s the gift that keeps on giving for opponents of internet censorship. As the list of censored websites grow, so does the list of websites that don’t deserve to be censored. This time, the public relations nightmare continues as a mobile ISP blocks The Telegraph as a pornographic website.

ZeroPaid Added to the List of Censored Websites

We’ve been following the latest developments of UK mobile censorship closely; documenting when a website is found out to be censored on so-called ‘adult filters’. After documenting several websites that got censored, the next one to be found on the blacklist turns out to be us.

News Sites, Advocacy Organizations Discovered on UK Mobile Blacklists

The Open Rights Group has been investigating what websites being filtered on mobile networks. So far, the list has been quite startling as websites like Tor and La Quadrature du Net wound up on the blacklists that have obviously have nothing to do with pornographic content. Now, more revelations are coming forward from the blacklists

Ofcom Weeks Away from Publishing ISP Three Strikes Rules in UK

The UK version of the three strikes law as laid out in the Digital Economy Bill is nearing the next step to implementation. Ofcom, an independent regulator in the UK is now reportedly weeks away from publishing an ISP code of conduct which lays out the rules for disconnecting file-sharers.

UK ISP Filters Blocking Legal, Non-Infringing Activists Websites

One of our main criticisms about online censorship is that, most of the time, there’s little to no accountability and that such regimes open the door for abuse. A new report coming from Open Rights Group highlights exactly why we are against it just weeks after UK mobile ISPs began blocking Swedish BitTorrent Website ThePirateBay.

Telegraph Reporter Compares Illegal Downloading to Drunk Driving

Late last month, the UK High Court ordered ISPs in the UK to prevent users from accessing Swedish BitTorrent website ThePirateBay. While we covered the fact that just about any method that could possibly be used could be circumvented, one report from The Telegraph reporter compared downloading to drinking and driving.

UK High Court Orders ISPs to Block The Pirate Bay

A recent court ruling in the UK could have wide-ranging consequences across the Internet – especially for those living in the UK. The high court in the UK has ruled that ISPs must block Swedish public BitTorrent website ThePirateBay.