In Response to Graham Henderson of CRIA

Graham of the Canadian Recording Industry Association (CRIA) recently went to Washington to speak about Canadian copyright laws. He had one particular comment that is worth responding to.

New Bill to Clamp Down on Italian Bloggers

The term, “paragraph 29” might not mean much for a number of bloggers unless you are an Italian blogger. In that case, the term “paragraph 29” is a part of a highly controversial law that, according to critics, could put Italian blogging in jeopardy.

Al-Qaeda Activities, Not Piracy, Reason for Shutdown of 73,000 Blogs

There was plenty of confusion surrounding the shut down of 73,000 blogs at The little bits of information that were available said it was law enforcement related, but little else was available at the time. While one blog said it was an anti-piracy crackdown with ICE involved, it turns out, that report was inaccurate.

Politician Discovers Equating Pirate Party Supporters to Rapists a Bad Idea

The argument falls on an age old argument against privacy – that if you have nothing to hide, why should you be worried about privacy. Unfortunately for feminist politician for the Centre Party Annika Qarlsson, that argument didn’t quite come out like that. Instead, while trying to make that argument, she ended up suggesting that

Major Media Outlets Lend Ear to Masses

For years, blogging has been a new frontier for both news and gossip. While some blogs are generally quite good at providing users with new content, others have been known to do nothing more than regurgitate news happening elsewhere.