UK Mobile ISP Censors The Telegraph

It’s the gift that keeps on giving for opponents of internet censorship. As the list of censored websites grow, so does the list of websites that don’t deserve to be censored. This time, the public relations nightmare continues as a mobile ISP blocks The Telegraph as a pornographic website.

ZeroPaid Added to the List of Censored Websites

We’ve been following the latest developments of UK mobile censorship closely; documenting when a website is found out to be censored on so-called ‘adult filters’. After documenting several websites that got censored, the next one to be found on the blacklist turns out to be us.

News Sites, Advocacy Organizations Discovered on UK Mobile Blacklists

The Open Rights Group has been investigating what websites being filtered on mobile networks. So far, the list has been quite startling as websites like Tor and La Quadrature du Net wound up on the blacklists that have obviously have nothing to do with pornographic content. Now, more revelations are coming forward from the blacklists

Finnish Blacklist Transparency Website Added to Finnish Blacklist

A few months ago, when Wikileaks was blocked by Australian censors for leaking the Australian blacklist (later found to have legal websites in it), an editor famously remarked, “The first rule of censorship is that you cannot talk about censorship.” It seems as though a similar thing is happening with Finnish censors now where a

German Mandatory DNS Blacklist Blasted By Critics, Protests Emerge

France, Australia, Britain, Canada, Iran and China aren’t the only countries either deliberating on or actively using mandatory DNS blacklists. It seems that there is an all-out PR war in Germany over the governments plan to pass a law which mandates the use of web blacklists. That didn’t go over too well with German citizens

Chinese Government Mandated Search Engine Blacklist Leaked

In just about every place in the world, Google is the number one search engine. China is an exception to that where is the dominant search engine. Based in China, the Chinese government is able to exert more power and it seems that the governments blacklist was recently leaked.

Germany Forces ISPs to Agree to Web Filtering

For those who have been following the internet filtering debates, this latest development in Germany might ring a few bells. The German government and many of the German ISPs signed a “voluntary” agreement to maintain and enforce a website blacklist – a list that will be held in secrecy.

isoHunt Clarifies US Blacklisting

isoHunt is a popular BitTorrent website which offers a large database for torrents. Unfortunately, it seems pressure is causing sites like isoHunt to start blacklisting IPs originating in certain geographical location.