Bill C-32

Your Question: Bill C-32 – Has it Passed?

We’ve provided some extensive coverage of Bill C-32 including a detailed analysis that allows readers to decipher our interpretations for themselves. Since our detailed review, a number of you have asked us in our comments and via e-mail if the bill is passed or not. We are more than happy to answer this question.

Canadian Copyright Reform Bill – The Winners and Losers

We have just wrapped up reviewing bill C-32, Canada’s copyright reform bill. Since Canada had a huge public consultation on the matter earlier, we found it to be an interesting idea to go over the submissions and try to determine whether or not Canadians were listened to or not.

A Detailed Look at Bill C-32 – Canada’s Copyright Reform Bill (Part 5)

We continue our comprehensive analysis of Bill C-32, Canada’s recently tabled copyright reform legislation. The topic has become an increasingly forbidden topic to discuss, however, we are more than happy to forge ahead and discuss the issues brought forth by the legislation for the sake of understanding this rather complicated piece of legislation.

A Detailed Look at Bill C-32 – Canada’s Copyright Reform Bill (Part 2)

Yesterday, we went through the first page of Canada’s latest copyright reform bill (Bill C-32). It’s a lengthy piece of legislation that requires multiple articles simply due to its size. We continue with part 2 of our detailed review to verify what was reported all along and, maybe, find something new that was otherwise missed.