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Top 10 Worst Games Reviewed in 2019

We now move to video games. This year was really all about Atari games by and large. There is actually a lot of great games on the system, but some just don’t measure up. We count down what was the worst games we’ve reviewed this year.

Review: Double Dragon II – The Revenge (NES)

By Drew Wilson IN this review, we check out a port sequel in what would ultimately be a series – Double Dragon II – The Revenge. We look at whether or not this action beat ’em up sequel builds on what was started by the first Double Dragon game or simply falls into the shadow

Review: Double Dragon (NES)

By Drew Wilson Double Dragon is a beat-em up action game that was ported from the arcade to the NES console. It featured weapon pick-ups and even a level-up system. We check out how this game plays today.