Swedish IFPI Website Hacked

The Swedish IFPI website was recently hacked, but Brokep said in his blog that ThePirateBay is already winning the case and that this kind of support only damages grounds being made.

Note: This is an article I wrote that was published elsewhere first. It has been republished here for archival purposes

There’s been no shortage of dramatic events happening surrounding ThePirateBay trial, but one supporter of ThePirateBay took it upon themselves to hack the IFPI website. According to a Swedish blog (Google translation), a group known as the New Generation demanded that the IFPI prosecutors stop lying.

Apparently, it’s support like this that ThePirateBay didn’t want.

In his blog, Brokep denounced the attacks saying, “If anyone involved in the acts going on is reading this – please stop, for our sake. We don’t need that kind of support.“

He added, “I hope it’s over now and that we can go back to winning our case without taking these measures. The hacking can only reflect on us badly and if you want to help us, please stop with the attacks.“

There is some additional coverage on TheLocal which contains the following:

But Pirate Bay spokesman Peter Sunde, one of the four men on trial for being an accessory to copyright infringement, was quick to distance the file sharing site from the attack on IFPI’s homepage.

“It was a really stupid thing to do. It just gives us a bad image, especially when we’re in the process of winning this case,” he told news agency TT.

Lars Gustafsson, managing director of IFPI, said his organization was accustomed to online attacks any time it took steps to curtail illegal file sharing.

“The odd thing about this internet mob that promotes freedom of speech and freedom of information is that it only seems to apply to them,” he told TT.

Currently, there are rumours that suggest that the hacking of the IFPI website may have been initiated by the IFPI or an organization closely associated with the IFPI.

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