Sneak Peek – Psy’Aviah – OK (EP/Maxi)

In this sneak peek, we look at the recently released EP/Maxi, Psy’Aviah – OK.

If there is anything we like, it’s gifts in our inbox. The last couple of months have been pretty overwhelming to say the least. Between the news and various projects on the site, the list of things to do has been quite long. So, when we got the latest single from Psy’Aviah, I added it on the to-do list and figured I’d get that job done somewhere along the line. As it, admittedly sat, waiting in the queue, I was growing more and more determined that I’d get a write-up done. Well, today, there it was, still sitting in my to-do list and my thought was “darn it! Alright, today is the day I’m finally getting a write-up done!” So, here we are.

Today, we are talking about the recent XP/Maxi, OK. A music video of the rediscovered mix has been posted on YouTube and can be listened to below in the embed:

Like a number of other releases we’ve received from Psy’Aviah, there’s a bunch of mixes and remixes of this track. This particular release is just the variations of the track “OK”. One version, as featured in the music video we posted above, is the rediscovered version. This version features some string elements as well as an acoustic guitar sound. It has a slow tempo with a softer drum kit backing it as well.

Another track found in this release is the HelG 7″ club trance remix. If you are like me, you might think more along the lines of uplifting trance when you see that title. However, it’s not quite like that. If anything, it is a hybrid between trance and psychedelic trance.

If you are heavy into psytrance music, you might hear this one and think you can hear similarities to the genre you are used to, but it’s not necessarily fully committed to what you might expect. On the other hand, if you are more into just uplifting or progressive trance, you’ll immediately hear the psytrance elements and think this is a bit more like psytrance music. It doesn’t necessarily neatly fit in either side of the trance spectrum, but there are certainly elements of both. I’d say that, as a result, it does have a more unique style of trance music that ends up being rather interesting.

Another track is the MissSuicide 7″ remix. This version is much more closer in tempo to the rediscovered mix. It does feature the four to the floor beat structure. With the more filtered synths, this seems to push this track into a more dark wave style of synth pop music. So, if you are looking for something with a darker style that might appeal to your inner goth music fan, this track could touch on those interests.

What is also in here is the LLM 7″ club trance remix. This track leans more into the style of progressive trance track with some tech elements. So, there is that representation found here as well.

Added to the set of tracks is the Digital Factor remix. This track features a darker downtempo spin to it. If you are like me and played Doom from the DOS era, you might actually hear some passing similarities between this version and the music that plays on Episode one, Level 7 (Demons on the Prey).

Another track found in this release is the Am Tierpark ‘after hours’ remix. At first, I was thinking this version did lean towards maybe progressive or tech house, but as the track built, it definitely became a more synth-pop style of music.

From there, we found the Pulse Mandala remix. This one definitely took the track and took it into the direction of ambient. If you are wanting something that is just a background mood setter, this is probably a good candidate to be added to the tracklist for the purposes of chilling out.

Another track found on here is the Nethermere club breakbeat remix. As the track implies, this is definitely a breakbeat track at its core. Of course, there is actually a little bit more going on in this track than a simple breakbeat version. Thrown in are elements of glitch with stutter effects and other things thrown in. So, a breakbeat track with a little twist to the overall sound.

We also heard the ALUCVRD club breakbeat remix. This is another track that has that breakbeat core. However, this one features a more experimental sound to it with prominent filtered synths. I can admit that this is a style I am less familiar with, though, so there might be a more appropriate way to describe this track.

Moving to the last few tracks, we see the stripped edit highlighting violinist Irina Markevich version. This has a version that is similar to the rediscovered version. It removes some elements and better highlights the string elements as the name implies.

The final three tracks are the HelG 12″ club trance remix, the MissSuicide 12″ remix, and the LLM 12″ trance club remix. These are, of course, more extended versions of their 7″ counterparts.

So, that’s what we got out of listening to this release. If you are curious about the full release, it is now available on Band Camp. We thank Psy’Aviah for sending the music our way to check out.

Just another reminder that this section of the site is powered by you, the artist. If you have a recent or upcoming release you’d like us to hear, feel free to send it out way and we’d be happy to take a listen. If we like what we hear, we’ll be happy to do a write-up here. It’ll also get featured on our podcast. At the moment, the workload for us is a little heavy with other parts of the site demanding more attention these days, so there might be delays. I’ve never seen Freezenet so heavily slammed with news before. The hope is that this clears up in the coming weeks and we can get back to a more normal workload for the site which should improve rates of churning out more diverse content. So, for now, thanks for your patience!

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