Sneak Peek: Psy’Aviah feat. Kyoko Baertsoen – Train of Thought (EP)

In this exclusive sneak peek, we take a look at the forthcoming EP, Psy’Aviah feat. Kyoko Baertsoen – Train of Thought.

It’s been a while since we’ve done anything like this, and now we have a great reason to offer another sneak peak. This time, what popped into our inbox is another forthcoming EP from Psy’Aviah called Train of Thought. This features the talents of Kyoko Baertsoen. It’s always a pleasure to see this name crop up and this latest EP is a great example why.

This EP features 6 tracks. Five of these tracks are the Train of Thought. First is the original while the other four are the Tom Bro 7inch club remix, the SD-KRTR 7inch Remix, and the Tom Pro 12inch Club Remix and Dub edit. Meanwhile the 2nd track is the track Insomnia.

The original mix of Train of Thought appeared in the Soul Searching album which we previewed last year. When we spoke about how some tracks feature a lower BPM, this is one of those tracks that we were referring to.

Insomnia, however, is a new track. It features Charlott C as well. While it does have that slower BPM sound to it, it also features elements that one could find in a more new age style track. So, it does have leanings towards music you might hear in an ePHeMeRiD track. One specific track comes to mind and that is aPoCRYPHa which you can listen to here (3:56 in and you’ll know what I’m talking about). That sound that infuses traditional instruments into a track that has modern elements. In this case, you have that Psy’Aviah take on things, so you get that synth-pop background instead (both synths and vocal styles Psy’Aviah is known for). It’s an interesting angle on styles, I think.

If you are going into this single hoping for something more on the Synth-Pop angle rather than Synth-pop mixed down to a down-tempo track infused with a bit of new age style, then the remixes will certainly work for you. The Tom Bro remixes, for instance, offers a nice synth-pop style of the Train of Thought track. These remixes have that four to the floor beat that can satisfy synth-pop fans, trance, and house fans alike. There’s a progressive melodic synth sound that can easily be interpreted as having elements of house and trance depending on how you look at it.

Meanwhile, the SD-KRTR remix features a synth-pop style that is laid out in a more broken beat structure. If your tastes are more in line with synth-pop and breakbeat, this might be more your jam. There’s some subtle glitch elements along with strong synths to go along with the soft string elements that features in this track.

Overall, this EP offers quite a bit in such a small number of tracks. It nicely shows how much Psy’Aviah is able to experiment with different sounds. At the same time, it also shows that Psy-Aviah is still giving some nice nods to fans who are following Psy’Aviah for the synth-pop. It’s a little of everything in a tight small package. This EP is due to drop tomorrow, so something to look forward to real soon.

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