Review: Zhi Vago – Dreamer (Club Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Zhi Vago – Dreamer (Club Mix).

This track was released in 1996 as a single.

The track starts with some synth effects. A synth pad then comes in. From there, a piano melody comes in. A synth melody also joins the track along with some other synth effects. A synth effect comes in as a voice sample comes in.

From there, the kick comes in as the piano continues. A snare roll comes in before a synth string joins the track. An arpeggio synth makes an appearance. The track then breaks down somewhat, leaving a synth and kick.

After that, the vocals come in. High hats and a synth melody make an appearance. Some additional synth effects come in. The voice samples and effect make a return. The vocals then return after a synth effect. From there, the arpeggio synth returns. The vocals then drop out. Another drop hits the track.

From there, a voice sample comes in. The vocals make a return. A synth melody makes a return. A snare roll comes in. The piano then makes a return. The arpeggio synth melody returns as well. That synth effect also makes a return. The track then drops, leaving only a synth effect and the arpeggio synth melody.

At that point, the drum it makes a return. This is accompanied by a sonar synth ping. The synth string makes a return. A snare roll comes in and a voice sample makes an additional appearance. A synth pad comes in again, but after a few more effects, the voice sample leads the track out.

What stuck out to me in this track is that, save for maybe the guitar, everything I heard in Robert Miles – Children (Dream vrs.) is basically present in here. It’s as if the producer of this track got their hands on the project files of that track and just more or less made their version of it.

The vocals aren’t bad. Unfortunately, the voice samples used in this track just seem forced to keep with the theme of the track.

Meanwhile, the synth effects added are decent enough, but nothing big.

Overall, this is a decent track, but nothing amazing. You are better off listening to the Robert Miles track if you ask me. The vocals added are at least reasonable. Unfortunately, the voice samples are pretty forced. The added synth effects are decent, but nothing huge. A decent track all around, but nothing big.


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