Review: Yes – Lift Me Up (Rock)

This review covers the pop rock track Yes – Lift Me Up.

This track was released in 1991 on the album Union.

The track starts with some subtle guitar work. This is backed by a clap sound. A riff then takes the guitar and drum kit into high gear. After a brief solo, the track pulls back again.

This leads to a more acoustic guitar sound. The vocals then come in. After a snare roll, the vocals go into the main chorus. These lyrics, it should be noted, have an entire choir backing them.

After this, the track goes into the next verse. After this, the track pulls back and shows off the more acoustic guitar sound. From there, the vocals continue the verse.

The track then goes back into the main chorus again. This section has a brief guitar element before the lyrics continue again. It doesn’t take long before the main chorus comes back into play again.

At this point, the track goes into a full guitar solo. After this, lyrics from the main chorus are repeated briefly. After this, the vocals make a second appearance before the solo continues. From there, the track pulls back and leaves just a few strumming guitar sounds and some claps. The track then fades out.

One positive about this track is that the guitar solo does sound pretty nice. It really does help tie the track together in the end in a pretty good way.

The main chorus does sound pretty decent. It has a very church style sound to it. The problem, however, is the fact that I could only really count one verse and three repeats of the main chorus. I would have liked to have heard more verses throughout the track. As it stands now, this comes off as a bit of a one trick pony where all it has is a guitar solo and a main chorus.

Overall, this track does have a nice sound to it, but the skimpy lyrics leaves a bit to be desired. The guitar solo goes sound pretty good and the main chorus itself does sound decent. So, it’s an OK track, just nothing too amazing.


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