Review: VNV Nation – Space & Time (EBM)

This review covers the EBM track VNV Nation – Space & Time.

This track was released in 2011.

This is the first time we’ve reviewed a track of this genre, so this is actually a new experience for us.

One thing that really stuck out for me is that the synths are very nicely done. They have a certain rock undertone to it, though there’s definitely no noticeable electric guitars that you would expect when rock is mentioned.

The vocals have a definite rock vocal sound to it. I can easily hear this kind of vocal sound in a rock track (sounds a bit like Pearl Jam), so it was definitely really interesting hearing it in an electronic sound environment. A slight nitpick for me is that the vocals could have had a little more harmony with the overall sound, but this is quite minor as the sound is also unique to me. As of this writing, I don’t know how common this sort of sound is in this genre.

The lyrics are also quite interesting. They are very well developed and definitely do a good job at making the track title appropriately named. You get that sense of being lost while journeying.

Another nitpick I have is that the breakdowns in this track are a bit sudden for my tastes, but it definitely has great buildups.

Overall, I definitely thought this was enjoyable to listen to. Excellent synths, interesting rock-like sound, interesting vocals, and intriguing lyrics make this a definite positive listening experience. A little more harmonizing with vocals and the sound would have been good and the sudden stops are critiques for me, but a recommended track nevertheless.


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