Review: U2 – Mysterious Ways (Rock)

This review covers the rock track U2 – Mysterious Ways.

This track was released in 1991 on the album Achtung Baby.

The track starts with an wah electric guitar. It doesn’t take long and the vocals come in. The guitars do drop out briefly, but return to the track right before the main chorus comes in.

From there, the guitars drop out right when the verse comes in. The guitars return right before the main chorus comes back again. This is capped off with an instrumental section. After this, the track goes back into verse again. The verse ends up being rather short as the track quickly falls back into the main chorus again. This is capped off with some simple percussion work as the track fades out.

A problem I have is that this the fact that the vocals slurred a lot of the lyrics. As a result, large portions of the track became incomprehensible.

Conversely, when the track reached the major highlight of the main chorus, the lyrics do briefly become understandable. It does sound pretty decent. Unfortunately, this is probably the only highlight of the entire track.

The verses are extremely short and only add a little bit of variety to the track. It was impossible to really understand most of the lyrics and, since they are so short, they are practically over before they even begin in the first place.

Meanwhile, the guitar work really doesn’t add much to the track. Even the instrumental sections were pretty nondescript.

Overall, this track winds up being a one trick pony. Get to the main chorus and you have a handful of seconds worth of music that doesn’t sound bad. Stray anywhere outside of those brief few second stints and the track collapses pretty badly. The vocals slur the lyrics and the instruments did very little to make this track any better of a listening experience. So, in the end, a pretty mediocre track.


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