Review: Tranceformer – Be My Lover (Trance)

This review covers the trance track Tranceformer – Be My Lover.

This track was released in 1993 on the Eco System E.P.

The track starts with a synth melody. A synth effect is added. Some synth string then comes in. After that, the bassline and drum kit comes in. The melodies fade away and a new synth melody takes their place. Some synth effects then come in.

A drop then hits, leaving only the synth string. Some voice samples also come in. From there, the drum kit and bassline continues. This is accompanied by a subtle piece of the voice sample. A synth effect then comes in. Several elements then drop out as the voice sample comes back in full with the synth effect and drum kit.

From there, the voice sample drops out for the most part, leaving a synth melody and drum kit. A bassline joins in again. The synth effect also makes a return. Some synth string makes a return.

In the next section, there is only a drum kit and bassline. Some synth pads make a brief appearance. A synth melody comes in along with a clap. A secondary synth melody comes in. The high hats then join the track again.

Another drop hits and the voice sample, synth melody, and string synths take over. This is backed by the high hats and an additional synth effect. The kick then comes in again. The voice sample drops out and the bassline continues.

Several elements then drop out again as the kick, synth string, and synth melody continues. After that, several elements make a brief return including the voice sample. From there, several elements drop out again and the synth strings and a synth effect leads the track out.

One thing I do like is the overall sound that this track is capable of producing. When the melodies, bassline, synth strings, an other elements come together, it actually sounds quite good.

My problem with this track is that the melodies are rather simple. With the heavy use of the voice sample, the track ultimately comes off as being a bit repetitive. I would have liked to have heard more progression throughout the track.

The drops do add some variety to the track. I don’t think it’s enough to overcome the repetitive nature of this track, but it does help.

Overall, this is a decent track. When all the elements come together, it sounds quite good. It’s unfortunate that, in spite of the occasional drops, the track winds up being pretty repetitive. This is thanks to very simple synth melodies that loop over and over again throughout the track. Still, it’s decent enough to listen to in my view.


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