Review: Toy Box – The Sailor Song (Pop)

This review covers the pop track Toy Box – The Sailor Song.

This track was released in 1999 on the album Fantastic.

The track starts with a deep choir section backed by a synth. A 303 synth comes in as well to build up the track. After an explosion sound, the female vocals take over. After this, the male vocals come in.

The main chorus then comes in after a sound effect. This section is capped off by another explosion. Female vocals and male vocals ping pong a bit to the end.

Another round of the main chorus comes in. This is followed by a synth solo. From there, the sound of a sword fight comes in. From there, the main vocals come in.

At this point, the main chorus comes back in for another round. This is capped off with another synth solo as well as some Titanic references. The main chorus plays out for one final round before thunder leads the track out.

Obviously, this is meant to be a satire-like track, but it also winds up being quite catchy. A lot of the references are clearly mixed up because some of the references describes pirates better than sailors. Meanwhile, some of the lyrics are quite sexual, but written in such a way that younger people may not quite get the references. It ends up being pretty creative in a way.

Another thing about this track is the fact that it incorporates a bunch of cartoon style sound effects. This bolsters the overall less-than-serious sound it projects.

The only thing this track suffers from is the fact that the overall silliness may not be to everyone’s liking. If you like your tracks serious, this likely won’t be a track you’ll like very much.

Overall, this ends up being a great track. While the lyrics are highly sexual at times, they are creatively written. The overall sound is very catchy and the rather silly nature of the track overall does help it stand out from a lot of other tracks. So, a track worth listening to in my view.


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