Review: Torul – All (Neurotech Remix) (Synth Pop)

This review covers the synth pop track Torul – All (Neurotech Remix).

This track was released in 2014 on an EP which has 6 other versions of this track.

The vocals is probably the most distinct part of this track. The filtering and layering really gave this track a rather interesting sound.

One pitfall in the vocals is the effect it has on the lyrics. At times, it was hard to understand what was being said. While some meaning may have been lost, not all meaning was lost.

What elevated this track, on the other hand, was the side-chained electric guitar. This gave this track a really good rhythm during the chorus and pushed this track into the catchy category.

The flow in this track was also very nicely done. I liked how this track broke down and built up throughout.

The pads were also a real highlight as they did a nice job of contrasting the main chorus and the broken down sections of the track.

The complimentary synth melody also contrasted and nicely complimented the non-vocal and vocal parts of the main chorus.

Overall, this track was very nicely done. While it may be hard to understand some of the lyrics, that was really the only weakness of this track. It has a great sound with the filtered vocals, nicely done side-chained electric guitar, great flow, nice complimentary synth melody, and great pads. A track that gets a thumbs up from me.


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