Review: Toby Emerson ft. Dwizz – Secret Life (Progressive House)

By Drew Wilson

This review covers the progressive house track Toby Emerson ft. Dwizz – Secret Life.

This track was released in 2009 and features rap talent from Dwizz.

This track is interesting in the fact that if blends house with elements of electro and rap vocals. This is something I don’t hear a whole lot of personally, but I have to say, in this particular track, I really like the sound. The overall mood I got from this track is something along the lines of temptation mixed with criticism of stupidity.

The track has an interesting bass chord going for it in the beginning before evolving into a more full intro. It takes a while for the vocals to come in (which, again, is a more unusual way of producing music because there’s at least some elements of voice backing in the beginning), but when it does, this track only gets better throughout.

The only real caveat I’ve been able to get out of this song is the fact that if you’ve heard tracks Emerson has previously produced, there’s a lot of elements that have been recycled in this track (i.e. the side-chained filtered sinewave sound.) Still, if you’re new to hearing Toby Emerson, this won’t be something you’ll notice at all. If you have heard this, these elements serve to make the song have that hint of “I’ve, uh, heard this before.”

Overall, though, this track is a great one to listen to. The minor issues don’t detract a whole lot from the overall sound quality of this song.



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