Review: The Prodigy – What Evil Lurks (Breakbeat)

This review covers the breakbeat track The Prodigy – What Evil Lurks.

This track was released in 1991 along with 3 other tracks.

The track starts off with some synth effects, one of which resembles a fog horn. After this, a voice sample and a speech synthesized voice comes in and repeats. A high hat joins in and a voice sample comes in. After this, the drum kit comes in and the synthesized voice continues. The synthesized voice ping pongs back and forth with a regular voice sample.

From there, the track then builds up with the inclusion of a bassline. A voice sample briefly cuts in before the track comes back with a synth melody. After an additional voice sample, a pitch bent choir element comes in. The section ends with a voice sample only backed by the choir element.

In the next section, the drum kit and bassline returns. A synth effect also is sprinkled in as well. Briefly, the bassline becomes the only audible element. A synth melody comes in and is joined by the drum kit again. After that, the track then ends with a synth effect.

One thing I do like about this track is the bassline. The bassline mixed with the drum kit adds a lot of nice energy to the track. Even when the drum kit is pulled away, because the bassline is already established, it can stand on its own and still sound good.

Another good aspect of this track is the overall flow. The brief pull backs give this track a nice flow. The best aspect is the fact that it doesn’t actually make the track sound clunky in any way. So, this aspect really gets a thumbs up from me.

My complaint about the track is the borderline lack of any major lead synths. There are a few smaller synth melodies, but no real lead synth that ties the track together. Because of this, the track winds up being more ambient like even though it is meant to be a track with a nice energy. So, for me, this track slips back into the realm of a nice experience, but nothing that really lasts.

Still, this track does have good aspects to it. The stops and starts are very well executed. The bassline mixed with the drum kit really gives this track a nice energy. I would have liked to have heard a nice strong synth lead to tie this whole track together to make it memorable. Still, I don’t regret listening to this one by any means. A decent track all around.


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