Review: The Mermen – Sponge Cookie (Instrumental)

This review covers the instrumental track The Mermen – Sponge Cookie.

This track was released in 2000 on the album The Amazing California Health And Happiness Road Show. This track can also be heard on Road Rash 64.

One thing is for sure, this is one of the more unusual titles for a track I’ve seen. I also wasn’t certainly expecting to hear a track that also said “sponge cookie” through instruments alone, but here it is.

The hi-hats of this track really managed to sound like water to me somehow. There’s nothing too special about them, but they somehow managed to work quite effectively in this case.

The main melody in the guitars worked quite well. They really provided a sort of upbeat sound throughout. Some of the other elements within the guitar sections where there were particularly long notes managed to give off that distorted sound that, in this track, worked pretty well to breakup the more melodic section of the track.

Another aspect of this track is the surfer vibe that you can get out of this track. Track with surfer vibes are something I can go either or on. I might think it’s great while other times, I might think it just has a trashy sound. In this case, I thought it was a positive aspect in this track.

There was also what almost sounds like a synthetic sound that appears every once in a while. Not sure how to describe it outside of a quasi 303 synth sound, but I thought it added an interesting element to the whole sound.

Overall, this was a pretty good track. I liked the overall sound this track had. The drumkit, namely the hihats, really helped give off a visual representation through sound. The guitar melodies were great. The longer notes helped break up the sound a bit. If you’d like some laid back instrumental rock track, I’d say this track is a good candidate.


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