Review: Sunny Lax – Vanesse (Original Mix)

This review covers the progressive trance track Sunny Lax – Vanesse (Original Mix).

This track was released in 2010 on a sampler release.

The track starts off with some nice bassline as well as a light synth melody. It uses a sidechained effect as well as a couple of sweeps to help build the track up.

the light melody ultimately morphs into the main melody during the breakdown, but fades out. This is replaced by some nice choir and pad sounds. This gives the track a nice relaxed sound.

It then starts to build up with a piano and vocal sounds. The piano effect is also layered with some synth melodies.

After the buildup, the track gets into the main melody. This is layered with some subtle pads that hit some high notes. The high note pads give this track an majestic sound. The vocal sounds and piano do return to complete the main part of the track before the second breakdown.

The voice portion and piano carries the track through the breakdown. After that, there is some subtle synth melodies that start the final build-up. The sidechained effects return and then bring the track back for the final breakdown.

What I like about this track is the general emotion expressed. The synths and pads really bring out an uplifting emotion. The voice samples certainly enhanced this mood.

So, an overall very good track if you ask me.


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