Review: Subsurface – Mr. Magician (feat. Leanne Louise) (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the liquid drum n bass track Subsurface – Mr. Magician (feat. Leanne Louise).

This track was released in 2015 as a single.

The track starts off with some chords and pads. In a short period of time, vocals come in. The track gradually builds up into the drum n bass format.

When the track fully takes off, the vocals fade off and the track then consists of a main synth melody, some grimey bassline, and a drumkit that is fully into the track.

After the melody, the vocals take over. The vocals take the track into the drop as everything else fades away. The track gradually builds up with the vocals carrying the track all the way through. For me, covering the drop and the build-up with vocals is a bit of a creative move from the production side of things. It ultimately gives the track a boost in general emotion.

After the build-up, the main melody returns, replacing the vocals once again. From there, the track gradually starts to break down one last time. It leaves just like it enters: with chords and pads.

One thing that strikes me about the track is that it starts quite strong. Unfortunately, the latter portion winds up being rather short. For me, the latter portion could have been extended in a number of different ways. One is to combine the vocals with the main melody. Maybe not have full vocals, but perhaps chop off a few words here and there and sprinkle it throughout. Another way of extending the latter portion of the track is to introduce something that carries the track to the next level.

The way the track is now, the track builds up into something that could have been a great track, then just deflates too early. Because of that, I’m left a little disappointed. It just doesn’t have a very complete feel to it.

That’s not to say this particular track is bad. In fact, the beginning portion of the track is very strong. It’s just that the latter portion of the track really drug down the quality for me. It’s a decent track, but nothing to get overly excited over.


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