Review: Sub Focus – Rock It (Drum N Bass)

This review covers the drum n bass track Sub Focus – Rock It.

This track was released in 2009 along with the track Follow the Light.

The track infuses drum n bass with elements of rock. This is obvious from the very beginning with what is probably one of the best track intro’s I’ve heard in drum n bass. The build-up is quite spectacular in the first 1:50.

The follow-up after that introduction was quite anti-climactic, unfortunately. Instead of something amazing to carry the track through, all you get is almost average drum n bass sound complete with the dubstep style sound.

It does pick up about 2:55 where it returns to what made this track excellent. The drop and the subsequent build-up was great. Unfortunately, that is then followed up by the average sound that initially held this track back for me.

As a result of all of this, I’m left with a track that has both amazing portions and very mediocre portions. So, if you can get past the mediocre parts, there is plenty to enjoy in this track. Unfortunately, with it switching between excellent and mediocre, you are left with only a half decent listening experience.


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