Review: SSH – Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead) (Rock)

This review covers the power metal arrangement remix track SSH – Holy Orders (Be Just or Be Dead).

It is unclear when this track was released, however, we do know that it was, at one point, released online for free. It was also a remix of the Holy Orders track from Guilty Gear X2.

The track starts off with rain, the sound of a sword, and lightening. It then brings in some power metal-like synth. From there, the track ping-pongs between some seriously amazing power metal riffs and great synths to give this track some nice balance.

The guitar chords add incredible power to the track. They not only give this track huge energy and aggressive sound, but also give it some rhythm as well. So, excellent sound from there.

The main melodies through the lead guitars alone were not just impressive, but also fast-paced and complex. I was expecting some overdone repetition in this track – to which there simply isn’t any. They remain strong from beginning to end.

My only gripe with this track was that the synth portions sometimes draws the track out a little. Even then, this track does drift back to being amazing again. So, a minor complaint that prevents this track from getting a perfect score here, but still, this is nothing to sneeze at.

Overall, there was a of incredible to find in this track. While the synth portions may, at times, draw the track out a little, that was a minor complaint to an otherwise incredible track. It has amazing energy, powerful guitar chords, fantastic lead guitar sounds, and quality that spans from beginning to end. An excellent track to say the least.


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