Review: The Spiritualist – Jupiter Sunrise (Trance)

This review covers the trance track The Spiritualist – Jupiter Sunrise.

This track was released in 1993 as part of the Spiritual Awakening EP.

The track starts with a bell sound. Some organ-like keys make an appearance. After that, a synth bassline comes in. Some sweeps also come in as well. A clap is added.

After a kick roll, the track drops. This leaves the bell and a synth melody. After a bit, the drum it makes a return. Some subtle synth chords also make an appearance. A woodwind-like synth comes in to serve as a major melody for the track at this point. This eventually goes away as an additional synth sound comes in.

A kick roll then leads the track into a drop. This leaves two synths. After a bit, the drum kit makes a return. After a snare roll, several elements make a return. The woodwind-like synth melody makes a return again. The synth effect then makes a return.

A few synths then disappear and a 303-like synth comes in. A kick roll then comes in, leaving some sweeps and a synth. The drum kit then makes a return along with the bell. After this, several synths then make a return again. After a kick roll, several elements go away and the woodwind-like synth returns. A kick roll comes in, leaving the bell and a synth effect. Both then fade out.

One thing I do like about this track is the woodwind-like synth melody. This gives the track a very nice feature.

The various other synths gives this track a nice sound and rhythm. I also like the overall construction of the track. The drops give this track a nice variety.

Overall, this is a decent track. It has a nice main melody and the various other synths add a lot to the track. The drops gave this track a nice variety. So, a pretty decent track in my books.


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