Review: Smith & Pledger – Forever (Original Vocal Mix) (Trance)

This review covers the progressive trance track Smith & Pledger – Forever (Original Vocal Mix).

This track was released in 2004 as a single. In 2016, the label posted the track for free streaming.

The track starts with a kick and synth effect. A second synth effect makes an appearance before a few others do the same. A bassline then joins the track. High hats and an additional percussion join the track. An additional synth come in while a choir element makes a brief appearance. Another synth melody joins the track. The choir elements return to the track.

From there, the track builds up with some synth pads and an additional synth melody. The track then drops, leaving only the synth pad as the sweep gradually fades out. A reverse cymbal makes an appearance.

After that, the vocals come in for a verse. A synth melody gradually comes into the track. A snare roll comes in before the drum kit rejoins the track. Also rejoining the track is some additional synth melodies. The vocals become more non-lyrical after a while for a bit. The vocals then become lyrical again. From there, the synth melodies take over as the vocals drop out. The track then drops somewhat.

The drum kit continues as some synth effects and melodies play out. From there, the synth pads return. The vocals also rejoin the track. A snare roll comes in as more synth effects come in. The pads become more prominent as the vocals continue the lyrics. In addition to this, the vocals also serve as their own backup vocals. A snare roll then comes in as the vocals drop out along with a few other elements.

From there, the track starts to break down, leaving a synth melody and the drum kit and some effects. A reverse cymbal and effect lead the track out.

On first listen, the vocals sound great. They really make this track sound so good because they give this track such an uplifting sound.

The numerous melodies that go on throughout this track also give this track such a huge variety. That’s not even taking into account the numerous pads that help make this track sound just that much better.

My only nitpick about this track is that the track almost sounds like it is ending part way through. This is such a minor thing to me, but it is present.

Overall, this is a great track. The vocals sound impressive and the melodies sound great. The pads just make this track sound that much better. While the track sounds like it is almost ending part way through, this doesn’t really ruin the experience by any means. So, a great track all around.


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