Review: Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are U Now (feat. Justin Bieber) (Dubstep)

This review covers the dubstep track Skrillex and Diplo – Where Are U Now (feat. Justin Bieber).

This track was released in 2015 on the album Skrillex and Diplo Present Jack Ü.

This collaboration features Justin Beiber, an artist whose track, Baby, was awarded the worst track we hear in 2015. Another artist featured in this track is Skrillex. That artists track, Bangarang, placed in the top 3 worst tracks reviewed in 2014. We’ve never reviewed Diplo, but judging by the other two artists, we pretty much expect a collaboration like this will produce results about as well as you would expect.

In all fairness, this track does start off as just barely passable with the piano and vocals. The vocals may have been a bit overly chopped, but that’s about it. From there, this track just falls into the zone of “what the heck am I listening to?”

There’s an odd drum rack that might sound interesting if mixed with something that sounds interesting, but it was mixed with something that almost sounds like someone is playing with a squeaky metal hinge in someones garage. How this relates to what bits of the track is talking about, I have absolutely no idea.

There’s really hardly anything of musical value that I could find, let alone something that could even remotely sound enjoyable.

Overall, this track does start on a passable level, but after that, I can only ask what it is I exactly listened to. I honestly don’t get what this track was supposed to accomplish besides name recognition. It makes no sense to me.


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